Silver Spur Riding School

release form

This waiver is two pages, please be sure to complete ALL sections. One person per waiver. 

Before your first ride:

Required paperwork:


Rancho Cielo Equestrian Facility release form

This waiver is one page, please complete ALL sections. One person per waiver.

Driving directions to our facility:

Many gps links take you to a location to the west of our actual location. When you are driving on Aliso Canyon and you get to the "T" with Aliso Canyon, make a right turn. Follow the road until it dead ends and follow the signs for Silver Spur AND Rancho Cielo. You will need to drive THROUGH the nursery in order to get to our facility. 

​​Please be sure to completely read through the information below prior to your first appointment:

  • All new students will be required to fill out and sign TWO liability waivers prior to their ride. If the rider is under 18 years of age, a legal parent or guardian must sign. Forms are PER PERSON, so family members cannot share a form. 
    • One waiver is for Silver Spur and the other one is for our property owner, Rancho Cielo Equestrian Facility. Please be sure to completely fill out both forms prior to the rider's first lesson. 
    • If the rider is under 18 and a parent/legal guardian will not be present, please ensure that all paperwork is completed and brought with the child.
    • We need paper copies of all release forms, so we ask that you bring the signed copies with you for your first lesson. 
  • We do not accept walk-ins, please reserve an appointment online through our scheduling portal HERE. Students are asked to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to their appointment, especially if the paperwork has not been completed yet.

  • All riders must wear long pants (below the knee) and sturdy closed toed shoes, with socks. We provide riding helmets and boots for those who do not have their own. Bicycle, skateboard, motorcycle, etc. helmets are not allowed.

  • All students, family, guests, etc. must abide by our facility rules and safety protocols, both written or verbal. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, should they not follow our safety precautions, thus endangering themselves, students, instructors and/or any animals at our facility. 

Required forms & information