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Our day camps are designed for children ages 6-11 years old of all experience levels. They run from 9am - 2pm Tuesday to Friday, no camp on Mondays. Campers will learn how to handle and care for horses, both on the ground and in the saddle. Kids are paired with another camper of their choice, and assigned a horse for the week. This horse will become "their" horse and they are responsible for all the care involved with owning the horse: riding, grooming, feeding and cleaning the stall. Each afternoon we do something different and fun, from a treasure hunt, arts/crafts or the infamous "Paint-a-pony". The grand finale of the week is our coveted horse show on Friday afternoon, where family and friends are invited to come watch your child's new skills and meet their colorfully decorated horse!
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There's nothing that beats spending a day outside with your good friends and a few great horses! Our signature camps are designed for kids ages 6-11 who want to know what horse ownership is really like. Campers are paired with another child of their choice and the partners will be assigned a horse for the week - they will be responsible for that horse's care during the camp. This not only means riding and grooming, but also cleaning the stalls and feeding the horses. The bond your child will create with this 1000 lb animal is unlike anything they have ever experienced before and will create lifelong memories. 

Our mornings at camp are spent cleaning the horse's stalls and making their feed. After a quick snack time we get the horses out to groom and saddle. We will then spend the next two hours riding and eating lunch! We not only work on riding techniques (it's harder than it looks!) in the arena, but also play games and sometimes go for short trail rides. Each afternoon we do a different fun activity, like arts/crafts, treasure hunt, or our infamous "Paint A Pony". The finale of camp is our horse show on Friday afternoon where family and friends are invited to come out and watch everything your child has learned throughout the week.
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How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014

Check out some clips from our most recent Advanced Camp, held in August 2017 and is our favorite week of the season!

2019 Summer Camps

Intermediate Camp:

​Ages 10+ only, Instructor Approval Required

7/30 - 8/2

Advanced Camp:

​​​Ages 10+ only, Instructor Approval Required, cost is $525 per week

7/15 - 7/19

Tuesday to Friday
9am - 2pm


$100 Deposit required to hold space
All camp payments are non-refundable 

Ask about our various discounts:

Earlybird, Sibling, Referral, Military & Multiple Session

​​Signature Camps:

Ages 6-11, No Experience Required

6/18 - 6/21
6/25 - 6/28

7/9 - 7/12

8/6 - 8/9

8/13 - 8/16

8/20 - 8/23 (NEW!)

There is nothing so good for the inside of a man as the outside of a horse. ~John Lubbock, "Recreation," The Use of Life, 1894

2016 Winter Camps

Day Camp Program

Silver Spur Riding School
How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014
Advanced & Intermediate Camps

Our Intermediate & Advanced camps are geared towards older kids, ages 10-17 who typically have 3+ years consistent riding experience under their belt. They must have instructor approval in order to enroll. The structure for these camps is completely different than our signature camps and it's the highlight of the year for these kids - most of whom are regular working students and volunteers at Silver Spur.

At the end of the week our students will compete in our horse show for real prizes as well as demonstrate the drill team routine they created - which is set to music. We also crown the infamous Color War Champion at the show! 

Do you offer before or after care?

Yes! We offer care for your child starting at 8:00 until 5:00 at $15 per hour, per child - paid in cash directly to camp counselor staying with your child. The majority of this time will be spent with the horses helping the counselor work with the horses on the ground (no riding). Some of the activities include but are not limited to: bathing, clipping, grooming, turn-outs, lunging, tack cleaning, lesson assisting, etc. We do not offer care on Fridays, no exceptions. 

What discounts do you offer?

Early bird discount is $50 off camp tuition if balance is paid in full before March15th, limit of one per household. Military discount is $25 off camp tuition, limit of one per household. Sibling discount is $25 off each additional sibling (after the first child). Referral discount is $25 off your camp tuition and $25 off your friend's tuition - students must request discount and mention each others' names upon enrollment, the referred camper must be a new student and have never taken a camp with us before. Multiple session discount is $50 off each additional camp session, after the first session. All discounts are applied upon enrollment and cannot be applied after enrollment.

How do I know if my student is ready for Intermediate or Advanced camp?

These camps are intended for kids 10-17 years old who have at least 3+ years consistent (at least once weekly) riding experience in our program, and still must obtain instructor approval to enroll. They must have a very solid seat at the walk, trot, and canter, be able to retrieve the horse and tack up entirely by themselves. If you're unsure just check with Lindsay!

Can my child come for just one or two days of camp?

Unfortunately, no they cannot. Our camps are structured where the students are paired with each other for the entire week and each days' activities build on the previous day. For this reason it isn't beneficial to any of the children to have "drop in" campers.

Can I come watch my child ride during camp?

Summer camp is a great way to build independence in your child, promote growth and help them learn responsibility - all while having a fantastic time! We do not permit parents to come watch their child during the week as it tends to distract the other students and puts your child under more pressure than the other kids. We invite all parents, friends and family to come watch the campers at their horse show on Friday from 12:30-2:00 - this is when you will be able to see all the skills they've learned throughout the week.

What should I do to prepare my child for camp?

Be sure your child is comfortable being away from you for 5 hours each day and enjoys spending time outside for long periods of time. We take frequent water breaks throughout the day and always have a shady place for them to rest if need be, but the majority of the day is outside in the sun doing physical activities. You need to pack your child with a snack, lunch, reusable water bottle and sunscreen. Hats, sunglasses or long sleeved shirts are always a good idea to protect them from the sun. Campers need to wear long pants and closed toed shoes - riding/cowboy boots are preferable.

Although students don't need any prior riding experience before attending camp, we always suggest having your child take a few lessons before camp so they have a solid understanding of how to control the horse. We actually offer a discount on our lesson packages if your child is enrolled in camp! Read more about it here

What is "Paint-A-Pony" and what does my child need for it?

On "Paint-a-Pony" day (usually Thursday) we spend the last hour and a half of camp finger painting all over one of our very patient horses! This is followed by washing the horse so everyone gets nice and wet on a hot summer day. Your child needs a bathing suit, towel and closed toed shoes that can get painted and wet (no Crocs permitted). We suggest having your child wear the swim suit on under their clothes all day, so you can apply sunscreen in the morning, which makes changing clothes easier and faster. All the paint is completely washable and actually mixed with soap so it comes off the horse and out of clothes very easily. But be prepared, your child will come home wet! 

What do you suggest for horse decorations on Friday?

For our horse show on Friday we spend about an hour grooming and decorating the horses for the horse show, and they always turn out fabulous! We have a variety of ribbons, bows and glitter that has accumulated over the years - but if your child wants to bring their own decorations you are welcome to. Some good ideas are washable spray paint (spray "chalk paint" works best), ribbons, hair clips, feather boas, etc. Essentially anything that is safe for your hair, is safe for a horse.

How often do you have boys enroll in camp?

As with most of horseback riding, it is predominately girls that take lessons and enroll in camp. Although we do get a handful of boys each summer and if your little guy wants to avoid being the "only boy" in the whole camp, just check with Lindsay about the camp roster list for the summer. She can point out which camps may be better for him than others.

What happens if it rains?
During the summer this is rarely an issue, but occasionally for our Winter Camps we do encounter some poor weather. If that is the case we still hold camp and arrange for various other fun horse activities to do given the conditions (often times these may be offsite or indoors). If the weather impedes our riding and we are unable to make up "saddle time" within the camp week, you will be credited with a lesson(s) for your child to compensate for missed time in the saddle.