Are you open for business during COVID?

Yes. We are open for our regularly scheduled lessons and existing clients during our normal business hours. We are temporarily not offering our introductory special or Groupon promotion, so any new riders must purchase a full priced package of lessons in order to schedule.

What is considered an existing client?

Anyone who has purchased lessons on or before 8/17/20. If you have purchased lessons prior to this date, even if you have not scheduled them, we will honor the lessons as long as need be. Please be advised we are experiencing delays in scheduling and we ask that you be patient.

​How can I schedule the lessons I already purchased?

Texting Lindsay is how we are scheduling lessons at this time. Please be patient as our program has experienced extreme challenges in getting our lessons booked in a timely manner, we sincerely apologize for any delays. We are also in the process of creating an online scheduling platform so that customers are able to book lessons through our website.

​What is causing the delays in scheduling?

Besides the obvious delays associated with reopening after COVID-19, our program has faced many unforeseen challenges these last few months. The property owner of our facility, Graeme Dixon, was diagnosed with stage four esophageal cancer in April 2020 and sadly passed away in July 2020. The new facility owner plans to keep it a horse ranch to honor Graeme's dream. It was a very unexpected death, as he was given 12-18 months initially, so we are still working through this tragic loss. On top of this, we have had to replaced 5 out of 6 of our instructors (one left in June, two in July and two in August). The  hiring and training of the new instructors is time consuming and slows down our schedule. 

We have just implemented a self service booking system that allows customers to book their lessons online. Please CLICK HERE for more information!

What are your COVID policies?

We have dramatically changed our sanitization policy to ensure that all shared tack, equipment and touch points are clean and safe. Masks are to be worn by all students, instructors and guests during the grooming portion of the lesson. All helmets, boots, saddles, bridles, etc. are sanitized and disinfected between every use. Should you choose to buy your own riding gear you can find helmets and boots at Mary's Tack and Feed in Del Mar. We follow all CDC guidelines to ensure that you and our staff stay safe. We ask that all riders wash or sanitize their hands when they arrive and maintain social distance whenever possible. Please only have necessary family come with to watch the lesson and not crowd close to other customers. Our instructors may ask family/friends to wait in our picnic area during grooming if they feel the grooming area is too crowded.

Updated Info for 2020 & COVID





Due to a dramatic increase in our lesson numbers we have had to make the difficult decision to temporarily stop offering our Introductory Special or our Groupon/Living Social promotion. This also includes birthday parties, girl scout events, etc. Due to COVID, staffing conflicts and horse availability our program has hit our maximum capacity for new students at this time. However, for existing clients, or those looking to purchase a full priced package, we are still scheduling lessons during our usual business hours (1-6pm Tuesday thru Friday and 9am-4pm on weekends). We are very sorry for the inconvenience and any delays resulting from this challenging time. Thank you all for your continued patience, understanding and cooperation as we navigate through this difficult time. We expect to be able to accommodate new customers by the end of September.


If you would like to be placed on a waiting list to purchase the Introductory Special/Groupon promotion, please TEXT Lindsay:


As is the case with most small businesses, the current pandemic has greatly impacted our program and how we manage it. We have made dramatic changes to the structure of our lessons, cleaning protocols and scheduling. Not only have we had many set backs due to COVID, but we have had numerous unforeseen circumstances (non COVID related) that have created huge delays in our scheduling and lesson program. Please read below for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions


Current COVID-19 Policies


  • Masks will be required for all students, instructors and spectators during the grooming portion of your lesson. However, masks are unsafe to ride with so they will need to be removed when the rider mounts the horse. Instructors are not required to wear one when working with students while they ride, so long as proper social distance can be maintained.
    • While on a horse the mask is a visibility risk and poses a danger of getting tangled with the helmet straps should the rider be unseated, thus creating a risk of hang up or choking to the rider. 

  • We are also asking customers to limit the number of family/guests in our cross tie/tack room area. All family members and guests must stay in our designated sitting areas near the cross ties or up at our picnic area. This is to ensure that our walkways can stay clear and open for students, instructors and horses. During the riding portion family/guests are asked to please keep social distance from other families.

  • All tack/equipment (helmets, boots, saddles, bridles, etc.) is sanitized between each use, common areas are regularly disinfected throughout the day as well. We have hand sanitizer available for customers and a hand washing station is located inside the port-a-potty.