Scheduling Your Lessons

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a Groupon voucher or a package I've previously purchased, can I schedule online?

Yes! Just make sure that Lindsay has proof of your purchase (not your booking confirmation) and you will not be charged. 

Do I book under my name or my child's?

The first time slot will have to be booked in your name, because your name has to match the credit card on file. If you have 2 or 3 kids riding in the same time slot you will book the first slot under your name, then each additional slot under one of the children's names.

I want a recurring time, can I do that online?

Not yet, you will still have to contact us in order to set up a set time every week. Though, we do hope to make this an option online in the near future as well

I already have a set time, do I need to book online?

No you do not, as long as you have an existing time slot each week and a current package of lessons on file then you are set for that time each week.

Can I cancel lessons online?

Yes, you should be able to go to your profile and cancel your lessons. Of course, we do still have a 24 hour cancelation policy.

What about Show Team lessons? How do I schedule those?

For now, those must be scheduled through Lindsay directly via text message: 760-815-7299

What if I have want to ride with my children who are in different age brackets?

Choose whichever lesson slot you think will be best for your family. Usually picking the slot designed for the youngest rider is best: for example, a mom and two kids (ages 9 and 14) might want to choose a 6-12 year old time slot. 

The exception to this is if one of your children is in the 3-5 year old 30 minute lessons. These are private lead line lessons and can be booked separately from the one hour time slots. 

Please follow the step by steps below while scheduling your lessons online:

  1. ​Click HERE to book your lesson online.
  2. ​Make sure you are browsing through available classes not servies
    1. We are only booking single use 30 minute (ages 3-5) and single use 60 min (ages 6+) online. All set/recurring times must be booked through texting Lindsay: 760-815-7299
  3. Choose a day/time that works for you and/or your child
    1. If you have 2+ riders and they fall between two age groups, please choose the option that is best suited for you and your guests, often times the best option is to book within the youngest riders' age group. For example: a mother/daughter riding group may book in 6-12 age group.
    2. ​Each class only has 2-3 spots available, never more than that. So please keep that in mind when booking
  4. Create an account, if you haven't already. If you're booking for a child the lesson will now be in your name. You will be required to save a credit card on file in order to book.
    1. Your card will not be charge at the time of booking! We hold a credit card on file, but will always contact you before charging it. 
    2. Lessons must be purchased through us directly, if you haven't already be sure to send a screen shot of your purchase, not of your booking confirmation. You can purchase lessons HERE.
    3. If you already have lessons purchased, please text a screen shot of your prior purchase to 760-815-7299. If you have already done this, you do not need to do it again. 
  5. Please if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via text (760-815-7299) or read our scheduling FAQ here.    -------->>>>